Ark Housing Association

CLIENT: ARK Housing Association (Scotland)

PROJECT DETAILS: Assessment of Health & Safety Compliance

NIFES ROLE: Assessment of Health & Safety Management


The audit was undertaken for ARK Housing Association; who specialise in supporting adults over the age of 16 who have complex and significant care requirements, these services are offered to people wherever they live, either in their homes or in rented or shared accommodation. Ark has 389 individual properties under their management; these are located in the main on the East side of Scotland.

ARK performs an Estates and Facilities duty at all of these properties; most of these duties are carried out by sub-contractors. NIFES were commissioned to assess the management of Health & Safety of ARK and it H&S responsibility to its clients.


NIFES assessed the Health & Safety duties that are imposed on ARK through current Legislation, these duties were assessed for their employees and sub-contractors. The responsibility to ARK from the sub-contractors was also assessed.

The assessment was carried out based on, current legislation and guidance advisory notes were also given on good practice. It was conducted through: interviews, analytical Inspection of documents, site inspections and management procedures. Detailed reports were compiled, highlighting non-compliances, risk ratings and corrective actions. These were given as an executive summary and as working action plan.


ARK Housing Association now has:

  • Greater awareness of its standpoint within the requirements of Health & Safety
  • Highlighted non-compliance overview
  • Risk assessed findings
  • A working action plan
  • Legislative direction for the future
  • Risk assessed action plan
  • Greater client satisfaction

Ark Housing Association commissioned NIFES to undertake a gap analysis of their Health and Safety arrangements