East Lancashire Hospital NHS Trust

CLIENT: East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

PROJECT DETAILS: Wayfinding Survey and Strategy of 5 hospitals across Lancashire.

NIFES’ROLE: Consultant.


Across Lancashire 2 acute hospitals and 3 community hospitals were surveyed. The trust had put together a working group to tackle the existing wayfinding system due to the aged and complexity of the sites.

Nifes were asked to carry out an assessment of the existing systems and develop recommendations for redesigning wayfinding throughout the trust. Our findings were presented to the group and a written report provided.


The almost 100,000m2 was surveyed from the perspective of a first time visitor. The ability to orientate and navigate the sites was assessed. External and internal areas were included, the consultants looked at parking, vehicular routes, pedestrian routes, site plans, floor plans, directional signage, architectural features as well as pre-visit information sent to patients and the trust website.

The challenge at the end was to find simplicity in the sometimes aged, disjointed, complex sites that could be used as the basis of a new wayfinding strategy.


The survey was completed with no disruption to users. It was completed over a 2 month period.
The findings were presented very successfully to the wayfinding working group at 2 monthly meetings.

A separate written report was completed for each of the 5 sites together with site wide recommendations to enable a comprehensive inclusive approach to wayfinding at the trust.

In 2015, NIFES were commissioned to undertake an independent assessment of Wayfinding at 5 hospitals and recommend a new strategy.