Heating Systems

Heating System Design

From individual dwellings to entire campuses, NIFES has conceived, designed and project managed just about every type of installation.  A small sample of these includes:

  • Biomass heating for hundreds of rural homes
  • Thousands of London homes heated from district heating schemes
  • The district heating scheme for the UK’s largest carbon-neutral development
  • Heating systems for various commercial, healthcare and leisure buildings
  • Steam generation and distribution systems for industrial plants
  • Energy centres and DH mains for entire university campuses and hospitals

The unusually broad range of expertise and experience available in NIFES makes it fairly easy for us understand our client’s needs and to design the most appropriate type of system to meet their particular requirements.

Graylingwell Park near Chichester is the UK’s largest, carbon- neutral new homes development.  NIFES designed the low-carbon energy centre and district heating mains to serve 750 sustainable homes and community facilities in 85 acres of parkland.

Graylingwell Park was judged ‘Best   Low   or   Carbon   Zero   Initiative’ and scooped the ‘Sustainable Larger Housing Project of the Year’ award.

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