Lift Engineering Consultants

Our technical ability qualifies NIFES as experts in lift design and engineering. From minor upgrades to complete new lift installations, NIFES Consulting Group have the experience and expertise to provide a complete solution.

Our lift specialists can design, specify, project manage and install complete new lift systems from inception to completion. We take away the burden of legislative compliance; NIFES liaises with local and fire authorities to ensure the lift installations meet all national regulatory requirements.

We can provide the following services for New Installations:

  • Feasibility Study Inclusive of Traffic Analysis
  • Design & Specification
  • Tender Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • CDM Co-ordinator Duties
  • Clerk of Work Duties
  • Practical Completion and Handover Procedures
  • Ongoing Lift Maintenance Management Programme

Our professional designers can design and specify a bespoke lift installation to meet your building’s transport needs. This ensures that aesthetic ambition meets function and practical application of the installation.

For ongoing maintenance, our ‘open protocol’ design allows the lift to be serviced and repaired by any competent lift company without the need for specialist tools and diagnostic equipment.

Modernising your existing lift can be the most cost effective solution for your building. NIFES will carry out a detailed feasibility study of your existing lift stock to determine its condition; we can then recommend improvement works to comply with current legislation, safety and accessibility requirements.

For more information, please contact:
John Baker

Tel: 0845 168 684

Mob: 07786 277479