Planning and Environmental Support

The planning application for a new combined heat and power (CHP) installation can be complex and time consuming. NIFES have experience of this process and can advise and guide our clients as part of the technical design duties of an installation.

We can liaise with the local planning officers in terms of the impact that the installation may have at both the inception of the project as well as throughout the installation and can produce and provide the information requested as well as incorporating any changes requested to ensure that the project gains support.

The project may require Environmental impact assessment (EIA) to be carried out, which are an important procedure for ensuring that the likely effects of any new development, which effects the local environment are fully understood and taken into account before the development is allowed to go ahead.

NIFES have supported projects with a number of planning requests, including emissions, air dispersion modelling, noise, the requirement for detailed and isometric drawings as well as meetings with the planning officers.

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Adrian Carter

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