Steam Raising Boiler Plant, Distribution Systems and Condensate

NIFES are acknowledged as leading authorities in the field of industrial scale boilerplant, distribution systems and condensate, offering:

  • Advice on efficient use and optimising performance
  • Design consultancy on new and replacement plant
  • Training for operators and managers on the safe and efficient operation of plant
  • Performance and emissions testing
  • Troubleshooting and dispute resolution

NIFES were prominent participants in the development of the British Standard for the testing of industrial boilerplant BS 845 and are experts in its interpretation and application. We have designed hundreds of industrial boiler plant installations during our history.

NIFES provides expertise in all aspects of steam technologies, advising on and designing:

  • Steam Generation – boiler plant of all sizes in use in the UK’s industry, commercial and the public sector.
  • Distribution – pipework, trapping, condensation and insulation systems.
  • Use – the efficient use of steam has been a core NIFES skill throughout our 60 year history.
  • Measurement – the science of accurate measurement of steam flow is complex, at NIFES we have our own in-house instrumentation available, to advise and design state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Power Generation – combined heat and power covering engines, gas turbines and steam turbine plant for embedded power generation remains a core NIFES skill and is becoming more topical as Energy from Waste plants stimulates a resurgence.

For more information, please contact:

Adrian Carter

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