Energy Feasibility Studies

Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies

NIFES carry out numerous feasibility studies and options appraisals assessing various technologies for new and replacement plant and equipment, normally associated with more energy efficient equipment including new boilers, combined heat and power and renewable technologies.

Feasibility studies look not just at the technology availability and how it would fit on to a site, but it also reviews the commercial aspects including the capital costs, available savings and the payback period of the investment.

NIFES approach is generally to look at the existing arrangements and firstly comment on the suitability and condition of the existing arrangements to accept new technology, this information is then used as the starting point for the feasibility study.

The study generally analyses the associated fuel consumption, looking at how a technology would integrate with the site, including the electrical and mechanical connections and the loads that the technologies will displace.

In each case, a report is produced showing the existing running costs compared against the new running costs, the savings, capital investment required and payback periods.

The information is the presented as a concise report showing all of the options considered, showing the potential saving both by consumption and financially, the capital cost of installation and the payback period. The environmental impact of the recommendations can also be commented on.

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