Fire Engineering Design

Fire Safety Engineering Design Consultants

What is Fire Engineering?

Fire Engineering is the application of scientific and engineering principles, Codes/standards, and expert judgment, based on an understanding of the phenomena and effects of fire and of the reaction and behavior of people to fire, to protect people, property and the environment from the destructive effects of fire.

The standard design guidance such as British Standards, approved document B and relevant international codes often provide the simplest route to approval however, these guides do not allow for the design of complex and multi-use buildings and developments.

Fire Engineering Design can provide an alternative approach to the code compliance that applies in the relevant country allowing for greater freedom in design of the building.
Fire Engineering Design allows the developers to move away from the prescriptive codes and use an approach that allows engineered solutions to be applied. Existing and buildings undergoing refurbishment can also benefit from this approach.
NIFES Health and Safety Services

Working as experienced professionals on NIFES offer:

  • Increased flexibility from the strict confines of prescriptive regulations
  • Provide alternative safe solutions
  • Negotiation with approval authorities
  • Specialist fire engineering consultancy
  • Integrated part of a design team

NIFES Approach:

Our approach to fire engineering design is to assess each building individually and provide bespoke fire safety measures to suit the specific hazards in the building. We work closely with architects and design teams to fully understand the design requirements for the building, and seek to facilitate these through imaginative and innovative fire engineering techniques.

We allow for flexibility in our fire engineering design solutions by ensuring they are easily constructed, environmentally and efficient in their use of materials, energy and space where possible. Our fire engineering skills have been developed to design safe buildings but also to deliver viable creative solutions to the modern built environment.

Performance based fire engineering is a complex discipline but our holistic and innovative approach delivers constructible solutions and strategies that are practical and realistic to manage once a building is occupied.

NIFES provide a strategic and practical approach to health and safety management in general, covering both short and long term objectives.

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