Fire Strategy

Fire Strategy Development Consultants

When do you need a Fire Strategy?

If you are planning to refurbish, changing the use of an existing building or creating a new premises, then you will be under pressure to create a comprehensive fire strategy.

Fire strategy development is essential for gaining building regulation approval for any new building, and any building that’s being refurbished or having its primary use changed.

NIFES Consulting Group can explore all of the issues and current legislation involved, including options which may recommend the use of fire safety engineering features such as fire suppression, smoke control, fire resistance and fire detection to help ease the pressure associated with the planning process.

When developing a fire strategy for a building NIFES will always ensure that we are focussing on the specific needs of that individual project. In some cases the client or architect may need support in order to gain approval for a design that doesn’t comply with standard fire safety codes. In other situations the focus may simply be to ensure that the building gains statutory approval at the lowest cost.

What is involved?

NIFES experts will use our specialties in fire engineering to ensure that the client’s objectives are achieved. The fire strategy will typically focus on issues such as:

• Evacuation routes.
• Fire rating of walls, doors, floors and structure – compartmentation
• Active systems
• External fire spread issues.
• Facilities for fire brigade.

Fire Safety in Construction:

Fire strategies can also cover the phased construction process, showing how the standards of fire safety are to be maintained throughout all stages of the construction. This is particularly important when the work is being carried out while parts of the building are occupied.

NIFES teams of fire engineers have the expertise to prepare fire strategy reports for all types of buildings.

Put simply NIFES has the knowledge skills and experience to help you create a comprehensive fire strategy which will ultimately protect your people, your property and your business.

NIFES Health and Safety Services

Working as experienced professionals on NIFES client projects or independently, NIFES has significant experience across all sectors.

NIFES provide a strategic and practical approach to health and safety management in general, covering both short and long term objectives.

We can analyse information from physical surveys and existing data to produce various health and safety audits, risk assessment reviews, training needs analyses and compliance gap analyses covering all aspects of health and safety.

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