CDM Regulations – Principal Designer

CDM Regulations Principal Designer

When does CDM apply?

All construction projects are covered by the CDM 2015 Regulations resulting in specific duties being placed on the Client, Designers and Contractors. In the event of the project being notifiable to the Health and Safety Executive, additional duties are necessary and a Principal Designer (formerly CDM Coordinator) and Principle Contractor MUST be appointed.

A Construction project is not only building works but includes Mechanical and Electrical works, Demolition in fact any works outside of routine maintenance. The CDM Coordinator MUST be appointed before detailed design work begins. Being appointed early in the project ensures effective planning and the establishment of health and safety management arrangements from the start of a project. If a Principal Designer is not appointed in writing, then the client must automatically take on all PD responsibility.

How can NIFES CDM Coordinator assist?

Since the introduction of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) in 1994, and through the 2015 Regulations update; NIFES have provided Project Health and Safety Support, and in particular the role of Principal Designer (formerly CDM Coordinator & Planning Supervisor) for a wide variety of clients. All Principal Designer duties within the NIFES Consulting Group are completed by experienced professionals who have been trained and are registered with the Association for Project Safety.

Our role as Principal Designer includes:

  • CDM Training and Development of groups or individuals using either generic methods or tailor made to meet client needs;
  • Support in understanding and compliance with the Client, Designer and Principal Contractor responsibilities of the CDM 2015 Regulations; Audit & Verification of the competency of project team members;
  • Assessing and supporting the development of Method Statements, Risk Assessments and Hazard/Risk Registers;
  • Construction site inspections and audits

Full Principal Designer and additional Client duties including:

Completion of the F10 notification requirements of the Health and Safety Executive Compilation and issuing of the Pre-Construction Information for the design and tender processes Assessing and supporting the development of the Principal Contractors’ Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans Developing and collating of the Project Health and Safety File Working as experienced professionals on NIFES client projects or independently, NIFES has significant experience across all sectors.

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