Private Wire Networks

Private Wire Networks

Private wire systems involve the connection of privately-owned electrical energy generation equipment to localised energy grids and distribution networks, enabling private organisations such as hospitals to operate on stand-alone energy supplies in the event of a national grid failure.

Why Develop A Private Wire Network?

Many organisations are seeing the benefit of developing a private wire network as part of, or following, the development of electricity generating equipment from combined heat and power (CHP) or renewable technologies such as wind power, solar power or waste to energy plants.

When the generation is located sufficiently close to large energy users, it is often beneficial to integrate this generation directly into these electrical systems with the use of a private wire network.

The potential is generally to become either the sole energy provider or main provider with a grid backup availability, with this private wire network arrangement saving end users costs such as CCL, red/amber/green charges etc.

How NIFES Can Help

To support this, NIFES provide experienced consultancy to assist the process technically as well as providing an understanding of how the customer will benefit and maximise usage, whilst also providing the financial reasoning for the generator.

In addition to this, from a legal and liability point of view, many clients look for NIFES to provide an advice on how to structure contracts, limit liability and whether there are any Ofgem or Government regulations/taxations that need to be considered and complied with.

NIFES experience can be applied to the whole scheme, or add value throughout the process, covering the following:

  • Calculations of benefits from the private wire
  • Advice on Ofgem regulations/legislation
  • Advice on energy supply agreements between the generator and the customer
  • Power purchase agreements for electricity spilled to the grid
  • Feasibility of using heat from the generation plant for process use if appropriate
  • Accreditation support for FITs, ROCs and RHI
  • Metering and billing advice
  • HV electrical connection design
  • Technical advice and Project Management

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