NHS Solent

CLIENT: Solent NHS Trust

PROJECT DETAILS: Health, Safety and Function and Suitability Quality Survey

NIFES ROLE: Consultant/Surveyor


Solent NHS Trust was formed in 2011. The Trust provides high quality community health services. They are the main provider of community services to people living in Portsmouth, Southampton and to parts of Hampshire.

The Trust required a Function and Suitability Quality as part of the 6 Facet survey. This was completed to establish the current level of compliance to prioritise capital and maintenance investment.


NIFES Consulting Group was commissioned in 2014 to undertake a Function, Suitability and Quality Survey.

A team of surveyors and consultants carried out the commission with adjacent programmes to minimise disruption to the Trust.


These works provided a risk based, prioritised action plan to assist the Trust in planning Capital and Maintenance Investment for the next year.

The outputs from Property Appraisals were detailed in MS Excel spreadsheets for ease of use and analysis.

NIFES reported on current deficiencies, remedial actions, risk categories, timescales and implementation costs.

NIFES were commissioned to undertake a Health & Safety Function and Suitability Quality Survey. This established the current levels of compliance to prioritise capital and maintenance investment.