Stafford Hospital

CLIENT: Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust

PROJECT DETAILS: Stafford Hospital Management of Asbestos Review

NIFES ROLE: Compliance of Asbestos Management


Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust (Stafford Hospital): due to reconfiguring of local area NHS trust’s and hospitals, Stafford Hospital became County Hospital and become part of the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust.

As part of the change process NIFES were commissioned to carry out many compliance assessments for Stafford Hospital. The site dates from the1980s, and has been added to since then, the most recent major addition being the phase 2 block in 1995. Asbestos products were used in the construction of many buildings at this time and the Control of Asbestos Regulation requires strict managerial control of any asbestos that may have been located.


An assessment of the Management of the Asbestos was carried out; taking into consideration the requirements of: The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR), ACOP L143 & HSE Guidance documents; 210, 247 & 264. The assessment was conducted through: interviews, analytical Inspection of documents, site inspections and management procedures. Detailed reports were compiled of the: control systems, management, management structure, Health & Safety Impact and the overall compliance, spot assessments were carried to ascertain the control of Asbestos through practical means.

The reports produced, summarised the findings and gave a risk assessed action plan.


County Hospital (Stafford Hospital) now have:

  • More efficient Asbestos control systems having greater overall managerial control
  • Reduced costs through refinement of control application
  • Reduce third party costs, due to the simplification of reviewing processes
  • Harmonised managerial work systems throughout the maintenance teams
  • Greater client satisfaction
  • Non-compliance overview
  • Greater awareness of CAR & Guidelines
  • Defined:- Duty Holder; responsibilities
  • Risk assessed action plan

Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust commissioned NIFES to undertake a gap analysis to identify and shortfalls against Regulations