Wexham Park Hospital

CLIENT: Wexham Park Hospital

PROJECT DETAILS: Property Appraisals – Informing the Capital Plan

NIFES ROLE: Consultant/Surveyor


As part of the merger with Frimley Park NHS Foundation Trust, Wexham Park Hospital’s Estate and Assets are to be brought up to current standards. The WPH Upgrade Project will address the new Trust’s aspirations about its estates and assets over the next 5 years.

The main objective for the Estate is to provide a built environment which is safe, comfortable, financially and environmentally sustainable and one that supports both the best health care solutions for the patients and working conditions for staff of the Trust.


NIFES Consulting Group was commissioned again in 2014 to update and expand on estate information. This was a further in-depth assessment of 3 Facets, namely: Physical Condition, Statutory Compliance and Quality.

NIFES had previously been engaged in 2012 to survey and report on Space Utilisation, Functionality, Disabled Access and Environmental Performance. NIFES also re-evaluated an analysis of Physical Condition and Statutory Compliance that had been completed by others.

This update included surveys, end-user consultation and documentation reviews.


NIFES Consulting Group completed the review, re-surveys and updates within a 10 week programme with a multi-disciplinary team. The outputs from the review included:

  1. Block and Floor evaluations of each Element and Sub-Element
  2. Year by Year Cost Plan for the next 5 Year
  3. Block by Block Cost Analysis
  4. Elemental Cost Breakdown
  5. Preparation of an Executive Summary Report

NIFES were commissioned to undertake more in-depth Property Appraisals of the Estate in 2014/15, building on the previously conducted surveys performed in 2012.