East Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group


Full Internal Refurbishment

  • Project management

East Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group was occupying temporary accommodation for its headquarters. The building was considered inadequate for office space for the following reasons:

  • The building was damp and cold and causing health problems for staff
  • Meeting rooms were undersized and did not have the correct technology
  • Parking was extremely poor
  • Access for public was almost impossible
  • Staff morale was low
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It was therefore necessary to identify and secure alternative office accommodation for use as a Headquarters. A part of a floor at Tandridge District Council offices became available for use. The CCG entered into a lease agreement with Tandridge District Council and subsequently appointed NIFES to Project Manage the Office Fit Out.

NIFES were appointed as “The Intelligent Project Managers” which meant NIFES were responsible for every aspect of the project from inception to completion.

NIFES prepared all drawings and specifications for the project, including liaisons with Building Control and the existing tenants and Project managed the refurbishment to completion.


Project Results

The positive benefits of the office fit out / refurbishment included:

A suitable headquarters for a new and high profile business

A fully modernized office space

Meeting rooms with up to date technology

A significantly enhanced working environment suitable for a 21st century business

Better team working facilities

Improved staff morale

We have been based in a really sub-optimal building. By contrast now we are in an efficiently run building and the space we have is looking excellent. I have been really pleased by the project management

Elaine JacksonChief Operating Officer