Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust


Five Facet Property Appraisal of 66,000m2 over 59 properties

  • Consultant
  • Surveyor

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust is responsible for maintaining various properties within Hertfordshire and surrounding counties.

An independent review of the current property stock of some 66,000m2 GIA was required covering the following facets:

  • Physical Condition
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Functional Suitability
  • Space Utilisation
  • Quality of Environment
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The properties surveyed ranged from historic city centre located converted residences to a purpose built 8,000m2 facility which opened in 2014.

The sensitive nature of occupied buildings meant that careful planning and preparation was crucial to ensure the smooth running and delivery of the project.

NIFES carried out surveys of all buildings and consulted with building users and relevant Trust employees in order to collect all data.


Project Results

The multi-disciplinary team within NIFES Consulting Group completed the surveys and reporting on schedule, within an 8 week period causing minimal disruption to the client and end users of the buildings. The outputs from the review included:

Block and floor evaluations of each facet, by element and sub-element.

Year by year cost plan for the next five years.

Elemental cost breakdown.

Completion of an executive summary.

NIFES were commissioned to undertake an independent Five Facet Survey of 59 properties located throughout Hertfordshire.