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Legionella Awareness, Management & Responsible Person Training Courses

What is Legionella?

Legionella pneumophila is a particularly virulent form of the Legionella bacteria which can cause Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia.

Legionella bacteria can build-up in man-made water systems, including air conditioning and filtration systems and if not carefully controlled and frequently flushed the bacteria can cause serious harm to the health of individuals in the premises.

Outbreaks occur from purpose-built water systems where temperatures are warm enough to encourage the growth of the bacteria, e.g. in cooling towers, evaporative condensers, whirlpool spas and from water used for domestic purposes in buildings such as hotels.

Numerous outbreaks and subsequent deaths have led to strict maintenance, controls, and installation of mechanical services systems.

Who should take a Legionella awareness course?

Under Health & Safety legislation employers are required to have arrangements in place for the management of health and safety and to provide employees with suitable and sufficient information, instruction, and Legionella training in order to protect both themselves and the wider population who could be impacted by their actions.

This obligation is also applicable to anyone self-employed, and anyone else responsible for control of premises, either for work or habitation, such as landlords, letting agents and University accommodation blocks.

Additionally, it is recognized in Legionella guidance documentation that inadequate management, lack of Legionella training and poor communication can be contributory factors in outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease.

Therefore those staff expected to undertake the management of water systems or control measures should have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the risk from legionella bacteria and the measures used to mitigate the risk.

UK safety regulators including the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and CQC (Care Quality Commission) expect anyone with responsibility for legionella control to be trained to an appropriate level. This is achieved via a legionella awareness course, duty holder and responsible person course, or regular refreshers and compliance workshops.

What Legionella training courses do we offer?

NIFES specialist trainers can provide a range of Legionella Training courses including:

Management training which covers:
  • Background to Legionella and Legionnaire’s Disease
  • Guideline Documentation
    • L8
    • HSG 274
    • HTM 04-01 (for healthcare)
    • HTM 03-01 (for healthcare)
  • Water Regulations
  • Management Requirements including duties of Responsible Person
  • Need for and Scope of Risk Assessment
  • Requirements of a Written Scheme
  • Actions in the event of an outbreak
Management training which covers:
  • Background to Legionella and Legionnaire’s Disease
  • Introduction to Guideline Documentation
  • Operational Requirements
  • Water storage tanks
  • Calorifiers
  • Distribution systems
  • Record keeping
  • Requirements of a PPM system
  • Case Studies
  • Actions in the event of an outbreak

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