Southampton General Hospital

CLIENT: Interserve: University Hospital Southampton

PROJECT DETAILS: Feasibility Studies – Ward and Theatre Accommodation

NIFES ROLE: Consultant/Surveyor/Engineer


Southampton General Hospital is the largest location of University Hospital Southampton Trust. Many specialist services are based there including Neurosciences, Oncology, Pathology and cardiology.

Emergency and critical care is provided in the hospital’s intensive care units, operating theatres, acute medicine unit and emergency department as well as a dedicated eye casualty.

As part of the trusts ongoing capital investment plan, NIFES were commissioned by Interserve acting as the incumbent service provider to the trust to undertake Feasibility Studies on Wards F3 and F4 and Theatres 8 and 9 to assess potential requirements and opportunities and allow analysis and subsequent prioritisation of allocated budgets.


The objective of the commission was to provide an analysis of the current internal environments and report on findings as a precursor to future capital investment schemes. The approach adopted involved:

  • Agreeing the programme of access
  • Receiving key estate reports and documentation
  • Carrying out inspections and surveys
  • Identifying current defects and dilapidation
  • Reviewing Mechanical and Electrical Installations for HTM compliance
  • Estimating anticipated deterioration over the next five years
  • Analysing current occupancy levels
  • Identifying areas of required expansion
  • Review of internal layouts and space relationships
  • Workshop meetings with key clinical personnel
  • Creating a bespoke template to demonstrate findings
  • Presenting the results in an editable excel spreadsheet for ease of analysis and update.
  • On-going technical advice until scheme commencement.


NIFES Consulting Group completed the surveys and reporting in early 2015.

NIFES presented report outputs on a merged, bespoke, Excel template for Physical Condition, Statutory Compliance, Space Utilisation and Functional Suitability. Embedded without our bespoke template is an Executive Summary report which identifies the findings at a high level.

Individual elements were risk ranked accordingly to allow prioritisation where required. Elements were also apportioned budget Nett costs.

The risk ranking and budget costs allowed strategic decisions to be made in the creation of final scheme objectives.

Interserve plan to undertake the refurbishment schemes during 2015/16.

NIFES were commissioned to undertake a comprehensive Feasibility Study in 2015 covering Theatre and Ward Accommodation as a pre cursor to Capital Investment in 2015/2016