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Full Internal Refurbishment

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Wooden Spoon House Child Health Centre comprised of various clinical rooms on the ground floor with offices and administration areas on the first floor.

The building was put forward for a full refurbishment for the following reasons:

  • Twenty Additional workstations were required on the first floor
  • Consolidation of clinical teams throughout the borough of Lambeth
  • To save money on additional property leaseholds
  • High building energy consumption costs
  • Below standard and non-compliant clinical rooms
  • Requirement for a discrete, self-contained Child Protection Unit
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Clinical and administration space in London is very scarce and expensive, NIFES calculated that removing some of the internal partition walls would gain 22% more usable floor space. Gaining this space meant that additional workstations could be introduced.

It was specified that Wooden Spoon House was to stay fully functional throughout the duration of the space reconfiguration and refurbishment works. Consequently, NIFES designed and implemented a phasing programme for the project, this ensured the building remained operational for the duration of the works.

The project was successfully delivered on time and on budget.


Project Results

The positive benefits of the refurbishment included:

Twenty-five additional workstations on the first floor. This alone saved Lambeth PCT money on additional rent of a new facility

A new self-contained Child Protection Unit.

Twelve refurbished statutory compliant clinical rooms.

Better team working facilities.

Improved internal environment.

Enhanced external children’s play area.

New conference room

This was a really well managed project, NIFES delivered to and beyond our expectations.

Richard GurneyPractice Manager

12 refurbished clinical rooms

Statutory compliant

22% more usable floor space

25 additional workstations