Telereal Trillium


Office fit-out and Quarry House

  • Mechanical consultancy
  • Electrical consultancy

At 31,000m2 Quarry House in Leeds is one of the largest office buildings in the UK. When building owners Telereal Trillium needed to accommodate the new NHS Commissioning Board they asked NIFES to re-model one third of the office space.

The works included a new lighting installation along with modifications to the existing VAV ventilation systems to ensure that environmental conditions were maintained despite increased occupant density.

NIFES previously replaced the BMS in Quarry House, improving comfort levels and reducing running costs. We also replaced the entire emergency lighting system.

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The need to keep the building fully operational created severe logistical challenges with staff movements and working practices.

A series of consecutive work phases were employed over a two year period, each area taking around six weeks to install new services in the open-plan layouts with some glass-walled flexible meeting space.


Project Results

The office environment has been greatly improved by the new lighting designed by NIFES. Installed loads have been reduced from 20W/m2 to only 11W/m2 whilst doubling desk illumination levels. The improved efficiency along with automatic occupancy controls and day light linking is estimated to save 90kW giving a £23,000 annual benefit. In addition, the more efficient lighting reduces the air-conditioning load.


Office refurbishment

Energy consumption halved

With the installation of new lighting