The London Clinic


Assess the worthiness of the main Electrical switchgear

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Load Testing

The London Clinic was established in 1932 and is situated in the heart of London’s medical community; The London Clinic is one of the UK’s largest private hospitals.

Its electrical infrastructure is of varying ages and has been upgraded, extended and increased in loading, many times. Its electrical provision is supplied in the main from eight electrical feeders: A to H, located in four separate areas.

Due to the risks involved in the possible failure of these services it is essential that periodically these supplies are given a health check.

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NIFES initially located all feeders and checked the installed components with the supplied schematic installation drawings.

From this and an assessment of the clinics weekly activities NIFES were able to ascertain a priority of works. Current loadings and thermal images of the switchgear were taken every hour over two day period, time/current charts were produced, showing the peaks and troughs of demand. In-line with these, thermal images were taken showing the stress being applied on the switchgear components.

A document detailing the findings was produced, highlighting all risk areas, remedial actions required and time scales; these then formed part of the Estates Action Plan. A review assessment was carried out post remedial works.


Project Results

The London Clinic now has:

Up to date schematic drawings of the installed electrical switchgear

A PPM schedule for the maintenance of its switchgear and associated components

Highlighted areas of electrical infrastructure weakness

An electrical feeder health check

Reduced stress on its switchgear components at peak times

Reduced competent temperature Vs. current loading

Greater switchgear durability

Historical data for bench marking

The London Clinic required greater clarity regarding the loadings and stress applied to their Electrical Switchgear infrastructure.