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Condition appraisal of Whitby Hospital with a Suitability survey of the Mortuary

  • Consultant/Surveyor

Whitby hospital was built in the late 1970’s and officially opened in March 1979. It is located on the site of the former War Memorial hospital on Springhill in Whitby. The building is of concrete framed construction with brick external walls and a flat roof. The total Gross Internal Floor Area (GIA) of the hospital is 13,000m2.

NIFES were commissioned by NHS Property Services and Virgin Care to assess the current condition of the hospital and establish any associated backlog costs. All defects were assigned a risk ranking in accordance with the NHS Estatecode guidelines.

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NIFES completed the surveys and reports on schedule within just one week causing minimal disruption to the client and end users of the building.

Results were presented in Excel format with an executive summary word report. A separate report was also completed detailing suitability issues within the Mortuary and explaining how these could affect day-to-day service.


Project Results

The majority of mechanical and electrical systems within the hospital are original and date back to the late 1970’s but the external building fabric is generally sound as most windows and roof coverings have been replaced within the last ten years. The services infrastructure has generally reached and possibly extended beyond its intended lifecycle meaning that replacement was recommended in most cases.

The cumulative effect of multiple elements being beyond intended design life increases the overall risk of disruption to normal Hospital service as a result of element or system failure. This risk could be decreased by replacement of these elements and implementation of regular service and maintenance regimes.

Most of the defects were assigned a moderate risk meaning that the risk adjusted backlog figure was low in comparison to the overall backlog.


Gross Internal Floor Area

1 Week

Completion Time