Whittington Health


Disability Access – Prioritising Capital Investment

  • Consultant/Surveyor

Medical services have been delivered on the Whittington Hospital site since 1473. Whittington Health now provides general hospital and community services to 500,000 people living in north London boroughs following the merger of The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust with NHS Islington and NHS Haringey community health services in 2011.

The organisation also has a highly-regarded educational role, teaching more than 600 undergraduate medical students, nurses and therapists throughout the year, and providing a range of educational packages for postgraduate doctors and other healthcare professionals.

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NIFES Consulting Group was commissioned to update and expand on estate information relating to disability access. This was a further in-depth assessment of the Six Facet Property Appraisal survey undertaken previously and audited compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

This update included detailed site surveys, end-user consultation and documentation reviews. The scope of the audit addressed all disabilities, all access issues (see below) and a complete estate wide review of the main hospital site (40,000m2) and 15 Community premises.


Project Results

NIFES Consulting Group completed the surveys and updates within an eight week programme. The outputs from the review included:

Block and Floor evaluations of each Element and Sub-Element

Risk profile analysis

Cost Plan over time (based on priority)

Block by Block Cost Analysis

Elemental Cost Breakdown

Preparation of an Executive Summary Report


Estate wide review

8 Week