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Every building needs mechanical, electrical and public health services to keep the occupants comfortable and safe and to ensure the building’s purpose is fulfilled. NIFES Consulting Group provide a comprehensive range of M&E Building Services, spanning the entirety of a building’s lifecycle.

Our experience of working with M&E building services at all stages including concept, feasibility, design, construction, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, refurbishment, disposal and acquisition make us specially qualified to assist modern organisations looking to improve their building quality.

NIFES M&E Building Services engineers have the training and experience to deliver the best designs for our clients, this process usually begins with us taking the time to truly understand what each and every client expects from their completed project.

Additionally, our experience across other building services, including Energy and Renewables consultancy, building surveys (including six facet surveys) and dilapidations, ensures our recommendations are fully considered amongst other building concerns.

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Operating at the bare minimum is below modern expectations for public and private sector buildings. Instead, the best M&E designs can achieve much more, for example:

  • Feature lighting works with the architecture to enhance the ambience
  • Good indoor air quality boosts productivity and staff retention
  • Energy efficient systems cut running costs and conserve resources
  • Resilient designs reduce or eliminate lost productivity
  • The best concepts are simple to operate and cheaper to maintain
  • A clear overview allows implementation of an effective maintenance schedule
  • Bespoke asset registers give a clear reflection of your business

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