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Ventilation Design Solutions

Good ventilation is increasingly being recognised as having an important role to play in safe, comfortable and productive working environments.  Identifying potential pollutants, and dealing effectively with them, not only ensures compliance with legislation but is shown to improve health and increase the concentration and performance of building users.

The experienced professional engineers at NIFES have designed a vast array of different ventilation systems including:

  • Natural ventilation
  • Mixed-mode
  • Displacement
  • Variable air volume (VAV)
  • Clean room / theatre
  • Conventional supply and extract
  • Industrial and process ventilation

We like to begin each project by ensuring we fully understand the challenges posed by each new project and the client’s particular expectations.  Only then can we hope to produce a design that is ideally suited to each application.

With the costs and carbon emissions associated with fan energy and heating/cooling we normally seek to minimise the extent of mechanical ventilation systems, provided the local environment is suitable and the building heat-loads and pollutants are manageable.  Wherever it is practical, our first consideration will normally be to find a natural means of ventilating and cooling a building, as we did with this rural school.

Working closely with the architect and the users a low-cost, low-carbon solution was found that made the most of the natural environment, and the concept was proved and refined using sophisticated computer modeling.

What NIFES Can Offer

In many instances, mechanical ventilation is still necessary and NIFES has the expertise and experience to devise and design the most appropriate solution for each new application.

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