CHP is widely regarded as a cost-effective technology allowing the on-site generation of power and the ability to make use of the associated heat. This cogeneration approach reduces CO2 emissions and cuts operating costs.

NIFES is, we believe, the UK’s most prolific independent CHP consultancy, covering feasibility studies and the design and project management of installations.
Our expertise spans installations from 1MWe to 50MWe across both industry and the public sector.

Since our inception in 1953 we have been recognised as authoritative advisors on all aspects of boiler plant and CHP systems. We have maintained a leading-edge capability throughout the evolution of CHP technologies, from boiler/steam turbine systems, to the gas turbine, advanced gas engine and biomass/waste fuel systems of today.

Our independence and our expertise provide clients with the opportunity to have a system designed to meet their precise requirements and to perform better, for longer.

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