CHP Installation and Testing on-site Support

CHP Installation and Testing

It is essential that the CHP units are fully tested prior to being handed over or accepted by an organisation.

There are two key elements which need to be proven before handover. The first of these is prime mover performance and this is normally assessed against the parameters set down in the contract via an ISO test, i.e. a test in accordance with ISO3046 for reciprocating engines.

ISO3046 is be used to determine whether the values of power and fuel consumption obtained under engine test ambient conditions correspond to the supplier’s declared values.

NIFES performance tests usually form part of the Tests on Completion and comprise a 30-day durability trial and a two-hour ISO performance test.

The tests are normally completed within a 12-week period. The purpose of these tests is to ensure that the engine and heat recovery systems meet certain guaranteed efficiency and environmental emission values.

This is followed by a Durability Test, where the engine may have an internal inspection carried out of a representative number of cylinders.

NIFES carry out these tests for all of the projects that we design, as well as providing this service as independent consultants for other projects.

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