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CHP Engineering Expert Witness

NIFES Chartered Engineers have been assisting the industry with Expert Witness Services on a variety of engineering litigation cases for over 40 years.

NIFES are qualified to act on cases in the following engineering sectors:

  • Boiler plant and combustion systems
  • Environmental emissions / pollution control
  • Waste incineration
  • Plant performance
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Water and effluent treatment
  • Electrical systems and safety
  • Pressure systems
  • Control systems
  • Maintenance
  • Energy utilisation

The following case studies illustrate the range of engineering skills which have been utilised in recent cases on which NIFES have acted:

Case 1

A case resulted from corrosion of the ductwork and plant at a municipal swimming pool. NIFES acted for the plaintiff against a consultant engineer on the grounds that the consultant negligently failed to provide adequate protection against corrosion due to chlorinated air.

Case 2

NIFES provided an expert’s report to a building owner whose plant and heating system corroded and he wished to pursue the designer.

NIFES undertook an examination of the failed heating components and obtained an analysis of the borehole water supply. Our report provided conclusions as to the cause of the system failure and commented on the inadequacy of the water treatment system.

Case 3

A case arose due to poor performance of a variable volume air conditioning system installed in a multi-storey office block. The building owner sued the consulting engineer who was responsible for the design of the air conditioning system. The consulting engineer had not been responsible for the supervision of the installation or commissioning of the system.

In acting for the defendant NIFES showed that the design of the system was correct, but that the problem arose due to poor installation and commissioning.

Case 4

In this case the plaintiff was the manufacturer of large gas fired heater which was supplied to a petrochemical site. The defendant was the supplier of the burners. The action arose due to the melting of the ceramic fibre lining of a combustion chamber.

Following replacement of the lining, further problems of noise and vibration occurred, requiring extensive remedial works. NIFES were engaged to act for the plaintiff in the action, which was taken following completion of the remedial works. The case was technically demanding and involved expert knowledge of furnace design, fuels and combustion technology, air distribution and control systems.

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