Property Consultancy

NIFES can help you to improve your facilities with a variety of consultancy support packages available.

NIFES’ empirical utilisation surveys and advanced planning processes can optimise your both your space and assets. By maximising space usage in your property this can reduce your energy consumption, achieve statutory compliance, improve facilities and maximise space usage across your estate. Our talented experts can design, plan and implement building and room layouts
using specialist software.

Our asset registers enable efficient maintenance systems for your business, including validation and verification of maintenance tasks and frequency, in new or already existing registers.


  • Enhanced, statutory compliant internal environments
  • Phasing programmes ensure your business remains functional during the period of any works
  • Reduced energy consumption, resulting in savings for your business
  • Reduce expenditure requirements on renting space, maintenance and energy costs
  • Avoid spending on new space and realise extra space currently available
  • Identify deteriorating equipment, so you can budget and protect your assets
  • A clear overview allows implementation of an effective maintenance schedule
  • Bespoke asset registers give a clear reflection of your business

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