Maintenance Reviews

M&E Maintenance Reviews

Maintenance of mechanical and electrical assets can be extremely costly, consequently, the approach to it should be reviewed on a regular basis.

In the first instance, it is essential to establish exactly what equipment and how much equipment is present at a site, this information dictates the approach that an organisation take so as not to under or overestimate the maintenance requirements of the site.

The objectives are to provide a ‘value for money’ system that reduces the cost of repair and replacement without excessive planned maintenance. In addition to this, health and safety and the compliance with current legislation need to be covered.

To support this, NIFES offer a maintenance review service, where we initially assess the existing mechanical and electrical asset register which will cover those maintainable items on the site, including:

  • Electrical Installations including switchgear, distribution boards, wiring and sockets.
  • Heating installations
  • Domestic Hot Water Services
  • Cold Water Services
  • Ventilation and LEV systems
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Alarms Systems
  • Above Ground Drainage Systems
  • Boiler Installations
  • Fuel Storage Systems
  • Control systems
  • Fixed Maintainable Mechanical and Electrical Process Plant

Following this, a site visit and audit enables us to examine all the relevant existing documentation including:

  • The PPM system
  • Examine suitability and frequency of any PPM’s against industry norms and manufacturers recommendations
  • Examine methodology for recording and verifying that PPM’s are carried out
  • Ascertain the ratio of PPM to breakdown/call out work
  • Inspect reports from specialist sub-contractors
  • Audit for documentation compliance with statutory standards work
  • Observe work control systems
  • The method of recording attainment of call out response times

This information allows NIFES to report on the:

  • Observations on contract management systems, e.g. PPM, asset register, record keeping and breakdown history
  • Observation on physical condition survey
  • Observation on compliance with Statutory Standard
  • Observations of functionality and effectiveness of plant and systems
  • Observations on compliance with contracted inspection frequencies
  • Conclusions and cost savings associated with over and under maintained items, general management and performance of contractors and direct labour.

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