Condition Surveys

Building Condition Surveys & Reports

Definition and Use

A building condition survey can prove to be a useful tool to building owners, occupiers or managers alike. An assessment of the Physical Condition of the asset and elements contained within will help to inform future spending and highlight areas where investment is required.

The findings from a building condition survey can be integrated into financial documents to help form budgets and spending forecasts.

It is important that once completed, a condition survey is maintained as a ‘live’ document and regularly reviewed. This helps to assess when elements will require replacement in order to reduce the risk of failure which could disrupt the use of the building.

What NIFES Can Offer:

NIFES are able to tailor each individual survey and report to suit the needs of a particular project.

NIFES regularly work in occupied properties and sensitive environments carrying out surveys with minimal disruption to the client and building occupants.

Results can be presented in various formats with defects, suggested remedial actions and associated costs included. Executive Summaries can be produced in order to help outline and explain the findings.

Defects highlighted within a NIFES survey can be risk assessed to account for the disruption that a failed element may have on the functionality of a building.

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