Asset Registers

Estates and Facilities Asset Registers

Asset registers are the foundation of any sound maintenance programme. They encapsulate all fixed assets via a bespoke FM data base or an excel spreadsheet to provide and inventory to ensure safe, legal and environmental maintenance tasks are completed.

NIFES have provided Asset Registers for a diverse portfolio of clients across multiple sectors including;

  • Healthcare including Acute Hospitals
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing

NIFES user friendly outputs provide a comprehensive tool for estates and facilities managers.

NIFES understand that all organizations have a different approach to estates management and maintenance. NIFES will work with your delivery team to create a bespoke output which is tailored to your approach and ensure service users are engaged.

The level of asset information collected varies according to each client’s requirements. This results in a comprehensive Asset Register linked with recognised PPM tasks to an agreed maintenance regime.

NIFES asset registers enable efficient maintenance systems for your business; we can also provide a service on validation and verification of maintenance tasks and frequency, in already existing registers.

An asset register is tailored to the client’s requirements – scope, detail and extent of service; it usually includes data in the following categories:

  • Unique asset number
  • Description of asset
  • Manufacturer of asset
  • Model or Reference
  • Serial number
  • Capacity or Rating
  • Location of asset
  • Position of asset
  • System to which asset relates
  • Maintenance requirements or tasks
  • Schedules and frequency planning

NIFES Methodology

Appraise and analyse existing maintenance systems and approach

  • Identify client requirements
  • Advise on asset hierarchy, categories and relationships
  • Collate relevant statutory documentation for all assets
  • Industry standard naming conventions to be utilised
  • Create bespoke asset register output in either MS Excel Spreadsheet or FM database.
  • Provide detailed programme of survey duties to allow service user notification and minimise disruption of service delivery
  • Professional survey team will undertake surveys and ensure a constant liaison with estates teams to make certain all areas are surveyed.
  • Appraise the condition and remaining life of each individual asset.
  • Present findings and provide training on the use of completed asset register to estates professionals and maintenance teams

NIFES can also off a service to manage the Asset Register on an ongoing basis – reviewing any removals, replacements or new additions.

In addition to the Asset Register – NIFES can provide written PPM schedules for all fixed assets captured to provide a comprehensive maintenance tool. Expenditure and PPM tasks

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