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Building Condition Surveys & Condition Survey Reports

Providing practical information for assessment of building stock condition, condition surveys are an essential tool for estates managers and building owners to make informed future spending decisions and highlight areas requiring investment.

What is a Condition Survey?

Condition surveys are in-depth inspections of a building stock, conducted in order to assess the condition of the building at time of inspection. Condition surveys detail every element of a building describing the current state of maintenance and repair.

A building condition survey can prove to be a useful tool to building owners, occupiers or managers alike. An assessment of the physical condition of the asset and elements contained within will help to inform future spending and highlight areas where investment is required.

The findings from a building condition survey can be integrated into executive reports and financial documents to help form budgets and spending forecasts.

It is important that once completed, a condition survey is maintained as a ‘live’ document and regularly reviewed. This helps to assess when elements will require replacement in order to reduce the risk of failure which could disrupt the use of the building.

Condition Surveys are useful to conduct at any point in a building’s existence as they not only indicate areas of a building which require immediate remedial work, but also aid in forecasting when maintenance, decoration or extensive renewal works may be required in independent areas of a building.

What NIFES Can Offer

NIFES Condition Surveys

Our building condition surveys are tailored to suit the requirements of each individual project and can be based on requirements of additional frameworks such as NHS Estatecode.

NIFES expert surveyors have conducted condition surveys all over the UK for a variety of clients. We regularly work in occupied properties and sensitive environments carrying out surveys with minimal disruption to the client and building occupants, implementing extensive surveyance methods in both the public and private sector to report on:

  • Existing building conditions
  • Immediate recommendations and points of urgency
  • Future maintenance and repair works
  • Expected costs to bring building condition up to standard
  • Recommendations, concerns and further actions to be taken
  • Data for both facilities management systems and executive use

Building Condition Survey reports can be presented in various formats with defects, suggested remedial actions and associated costs included. Executive Summaries can be produced in order to help outline and explain the findings. Including budgets, digital photographs, risk assessments and prioritisation rankings, NIFES condition survey reports ensure you have all the information required to make an informed decision about the future of your estates.

Previous examples of tailored commissions by NIFES include:

St George’s NHS Trust (SW London) – Building Surveyance and Condition Reporting

South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust provides community and hospital psychiatric services as well as offering more specialist services to people throughout the UK.

NIFES Consulting Group were commissioned to undertake 6 Facet Property Appraisals including condition surveys, addressing physical condition, statutory compliance, space utilisation, functionality, quality and environmental performance.

The outputs reported on current condition grades, remedial works, risk categories, time scales and implementation costs and have been used to inform estate strategy development together with detailed elemental maintenance planning.

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