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Wayfinding Surveys and System Development


When we are faced with a journey to a new place often within stressful circumstances such as an appointment at a Hospital or other public building, difficulties in navigating and getting to your final destination can add to the stress of the overall event and can also lead to loss of valuable time due to extra time to find a final destination, sometimes resulting in missed appointments

Why Do It?

Buildings should have wayfinding systems that are well designed, consistent and suitable for use by different users. This will ensure that money and time is not wasted; and secondly from a visitor and patient health perspective.

What does a Wayfinding Audit involve?

The aim of the review is to assess how easy or difficult it is for visitors to find the department or area they are visiting, how clear signage and wayfinding clues are to various departments and areas, but also how easy it is to find a route out of the building. In addition the ease of finding other facilities which are commonly used such as sanitary and refreshment facilities was reviewed.

NIFES extensive experience of disabled access issues will also feed into the survey ensuring that wayfinding systems are assessed for all users.

The survey report will detail recommendations and an action plan to improve wayfinding and which can be taken to develop a comprehensive wayfinding strategy; this will be in accordance with published guidance and recommendations

What NIFES Can Offer

Wayfinding is more than just signage but is also made up of other information such as appointment letters, website information, landmarks etc. Building users often use different methods of navigation and often signage is not the first thing that they will look for, NIFES will review all these different components.

It is often difficult for those already working within the facility to assess how effectively wayfinding systems are working the perspective of someone who does not know the site well is beneficial.

NIFES have carried out several surveys assessing the wayfinding systems from the first appointment letter through to finally arriving at your destination from the point of view of a new visitor to whom the site is completely new.

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