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Six Facet Surveys

NIFES NHS Six Facet Surveys and Property Appraisals assist NHS clients to intelligently assess their estates in regard to use, condition and HTM compliance, formed from the core estate information required under HBN 00-08 / NHS Estatecode. Six Facet Surveys are available under our NHS SBS Framework: SBS/MN/PZJ/8874.

What does a Six Facet Survey involve?

NIFES consultants have extensive experience in carrying out Six Facet Surveys for NHS Trusts, Universities and Government organisations, adapting surveys to meet individual client requirements.

Six Facet Surveys require a structured understanding of the status of buildings and facilities. NIFES experienced surveyors conduct six separate surveys to thoroughly audit each area of the Six Facet Survey.

  • Building Fabric
  • Mechanical Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Internal Space Relationships
  • Support Facilities
  • Location and Layout
  • Current Use Intensity
  • Use over Time
  • Space Use Guidance
  • Amenity
  • Comfort Engineering
  • Design
  • Fire Safety
  • Health & Safety (incl. Legionellosis & Asbestos)
  • Energy Performance
  • Water Consumption
  • Waste Management
  • Transport & Procurement

Six Facet Survey data is gathered using electronic tools, ensuring consistency of results between different surveyors. From these data readouts, an assessment of the condition and risk for each facet element is determined.

The consequent results allow NHS estates managers to allocate condition categories to their properties on a per facet basis. Provided together with a summary of remedial works required, photos of non-compliant areas and estimated costs to bring each facet to a safe and acceptable condition, NIFES Six Facet Surveys assist clients in prioritising budget allocation to the most critical areas.  This information supports the Trusts backlog reporting and ERIC information.

NIFES Six Facet Surveys

NIFES has carried out Six Facet Surveys (also known as property appraisals) for a host of NHS Trusts and Universities over a number of years both directly and in support of existing Service Level Agreements.

1. Collect background information
2. Carry out a survey
3. Collate the information and produce a report
4. Estate investment planning
5. Undertake the required works and carry out annual review

In this time NIFES has developed an advanced capability to deliver realistic, user-friendly and independent surveys carried out by professional building and engineering surveyors. These insights have led to us including additional facets within each survey.

This may be driven by:

  • ERIC Return Information
  • Assessment of Backlog Maintenance
  • Strategic Services Development Plan
  • Estates Strategy Development
  • Refurbishment Plans
  • Future Cost Planning
  • Disabled Access Audits

In addition to surveying skills, our consultants provide pragmatic advice to support the Trust strategically, focusing on the combined objective of all six facets.


Hertfordshire Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust – Six Facet Property Appraisal

NIFES were commissioned to undertake an independent Six Facet Survey of 59 properties located throughout Hertfordshire. Causing minimal disruption to the client and end-users of the buildings, the outputs from the review included:

  • Block and floor evaluations of each facet, by element and sub-element.
  • Year by year cost plan for the next 5 years.
  • Elemental cost breakdown.
  • Completion of an executive summary.
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