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Space and Room Utilisation Surveys

Space utilisation or sometimes known as Room Utilisation, is a measure of whether and how space is being used.

Space utilisation is a strategically important space management measure and a crucial tool in successful Asset Management.

Poor space utilisation or poor building layouts in a single building or across a portfolio of buildings, can lead to disjointed team working or higher than necessary property rental costs.

NIFES empirical surveys and advanced planning processes can optimise your space and assets using our space utilisation surveys.

Our space experts can design, plan and implement your building and room layouts, using specialist software.

Benefits of Space Utilisation Surveys

  • Reduce your expenditure requirements on renting space, maintenance and energy costs
  • Reduce cost by optimising your business space
  • Avoid spending on new space and release extra space currently available
  • Updating room usage information and room numbering systems for improved Facilities Management
  • Ensuring that health and safety legislation with regard to space per person and other regulations and guidelines are adhered to ensuring that staff are working in a safe environment
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Carter Review

What NIFES Can Offer

NIFES Space Utilisation teams have an exemplary proven track record and have undertaken surveys for a diverse portfolio of clients including

  • Healthcare Private and NHS
  • Education – Including Schools and Universities
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

NIFES offer a “value for money” service that is completely customer focused.

The NIFES Methodology

  • Appraise and analyse existing property layouts
  • Identify client requirements
  • Advise on statutory regulations and guidelines
  • Create bespoke space utilisation output in either MS Excel Spreadsheet or FM database
  • Provide detailed programme of survey duties to allow service user notification and minimise disruption of service delivery
  • Professional survey team will undertake surveys and ensure a constant liaison with estates teams to make certain all areas are surveyed.
  • Frequency of room usages assessed over a given period of time. This data will allow analysis of how often a room is used and its potential availability
  • Occupancy levels of room usages assessed over a given period of time. This data will allow analysis of how full a room is used compared to its capacity
  • Identify and record any areas of overcrowding and any vacant rooms
  • Record room usage and room numbering systems
  • Analyse data and present findings along with conclusions and recommendations

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