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Wind Energy Consultants

IFES is independent of any suppliers and installers of wind turbines and equipment, consequently, NIFES is able to undertake wind turbine projects from outline feasibility studies, through detailed design and procurement. This is in addition to impartially dealing with regulations, consents and network connections and metering.

The introduction of the Feed-In Tariffs scheme in April 2010 created a programme of continuing revenue subsidies for electricity generated from specified renewable energy sources

The intention of the subsidy is to improve the viability of investments in renewable electricity capacity in order to stimulate new projects and displace consumption of electricity generated from fossil fuels, so making savings in greenhouse gas emissions and helping counter the impacts of Climate Change.

With wind energy projects, specialist studies may be stipulated by the planning authority, such as ecology, archaeology, visual (impact and flicker) and noise.

NIFES is able to provide an independent assessment of any possible wind energy investment, independently of any supplier or installer of wind turbines.

As a wind turbine could produce electricity at any time of the day and night, displacing electricity at both day and night-time tariffs and the annual electricity output is related to the natural wind energy resource at the chosen location, which may have difficulties in securing planning consent, it is vital that an independent feasibility study is carried out, prior to any major investment.

What NIFES Can Offer

  • Feasibility Study, wind assessment and technology review
  • Support with the Erection of a Wind Speed Test Mast
  • Support with the potential planning issues that surround the construction of the wind turbine
  • Performance Design & Specification
  • Tender Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • CDM Duties
  • Clerk of Work Duties
  • Practical Completion and Handover Procedures
  • Specification of ongoing Maintenance

All Expertise

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