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Energy Awareness and Energy Efficiency Training

Saving energy through people is an essential element of an organisation’s energy management strategy. Adopting a culture which values energy awareness and efficient power usage is sure to provide an excellent return on investment and demonstrate corporate social responsibility, and training is an integral first principle of this.

What is Energy Awareness?

Energy awareness training teaches employees, co-workers and businesses how to conserve water and energy in effective ways, and reduce the amount of waste generated in order to reduce their environmental footprints whilst reaping the benefits of reduced energy expenses.

Why Do I Need Energy Awareness Training?

Employees and their actions are responsible for a major proportion of energy usage. As a result, employers and staff should be aware of how to use energy efficiently and be equipped to take action.

Raising staff awareness and motivation through an energy efficiency training campaign enables an organisation to:

  • Secure no cost energy savings by good-housekeeping
  • Achieve CO2 reduction targets
  • Implement a key element of energy management strategy
  • Raise the profile of energy across the organisation
  • Engage senior management in energy issues
  • Green the organisation
  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets
  • Identify ways of maintaining the momentum

There’s plenty of well-intentioned advice about how to save energy – yet it’s the practice and not the theory that makes the difference.

What NIFES Can Offer

NIFES provides strategy and implementation support on every aspect of energy awareness campaigns including:

  • Staff attitude surveys
  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign materials and graphic design
  • Presentations to senior/middle mangers
  • Launch event advice and implementation
  • Materials for campaign websites
  • Training for key staff
  • Energy walkabouts
  • Monitoring consumption and savings
  • Maintaining momentum
  • Train the trainer

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