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Dilapidation Surveys

NIFES Chartered Surveyors have many years’ experience of dealing with dilapidation surveys and claims. NIFES surveyors can act on behalf of the landlord or on behalf of the tenant providing a detailed dilapidations survey, turning a complex matter into a clear process.

Dilapidations Surveys are usually undertaken either prior to letting a building to new tenants, or at the point of terminating a contract. The survey details a baseline condition of a building prior to the tenancy agreement, as well as remedial costs for repair work required due to dilapidations.

Conducting an assessment on a room-by-room basis, NIFES Chartered Surveyors undertake a detailed survey covering both mechanical and electrical services within a property, and the building fabric itself.

Data collection is achieved through electronic handheld tools, ensuring data remains congruent between surveyors, and monitor productivity. The state of each building element assessed is recorded, and where required cross-referenced with a risk assessment to provide Risk Severity and Probability scores to prioritise remedial works.

Dilapidation Claims

Dilapidations claims are repairs required during or at the end of a tenancy or lease. Tenants enter into lease agreements with their Landlord. The lease will set out the tenants’ obligation to keep the premises in repair, if they do not, the law of dilapidations will apply.

Appointed by the Landlord

NIFES surveyors will prepare a Schedule of Dilapidation in accordance with the repairing obligations as set out in the lease agreement, this can then be served on the tenant. If required, NIFES surveyors will enter into negotiations on behalf of the landlord.

Appointed by the Tenant

NIFES surveyors will assess the landlords Schedule of Dilapidations and will issue a response to the scope and specification in accordance with the repairing obligations as set out in the lease agreement. If required, NIFES surveyors will enter into negotiations on behalf of the tenant.

Dilapidations Claims Negotiations

NIFES Surveyors have successfully negotiated dilapidation claims on many occasions.

Depending on timescales and costs involved, there are two main possible outcomes. NIFES surveyors will provide advice on the most appropriate course of action, the main outcomes can be:

Financial Settlement

If a financial settlement is required, NIFES surveyors will negotiate a fair and reasonable price on behalf of our client.

Repairing Works

It can often be financially advantageous to the tenant to undertake the repair works near to the expiration of the lease. NIFES surveyors will give their expert opinion on the repairs required. NIFES surveyors can also manage the repair works on behalf of the client, if required

What NIFES Can Offer

Project Management of Dilapidations Repair Works

Depending on the scale of the repairs agreed, NIFES duties can include some or all of the following:

  • Specification Writing
  • Building Control Submissions
  • Tender Documentation Preparation
  • Tender Analysis and Report
  • Contract Administration
  • Financial Control
  • Workmanship Inspections
  • Work in Progress Meetings
  • Snagging and Reporting
  • Final Account & Contractor Payment
  • Practical Completion Certification

All Expertise

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