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Fire Risk Appraisals External Walls (FRAEW) PAS 9980

What is a Fire Risk Appraisal of External Walls?

If the fire risk assessment identifies that there is a need for further investigation of the fire safety of the external wall, then a Fire Risk Appraisal of the External Wall (FRAEW) should be carried out.

Guidance has been developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) which provides a methodology for competent persons to adopt when conducting a risk appraisal on the wall construction, systems and materials used. This is set out in PAS 9980:2022, Fire risk appraisal of external wall construction and cladding of existing blocks of flats – Code of practice.

Developed by a steering group of field experts in construction, fire, housing, and safety, it is intended for use by competent fire engineers and building professionals when conducting Fire Risk Appraisals of External Walls (FRAEW).

What does this mean to you and how we can help?

The purpose of a FRAEW is to assess the risk to occupants from a fire spreading over or within the external walls of the building and to help decide whether, in the specific circumstances of the building, proportionate remediation or other mitigating measures to address the risk are considered necessary.

The type of buildings expected to be within scope of such assessment are multistorey blocks of flats; including student accommodation, sheltered and other specialised housing and buildings converted into flats.

PAS 9980:2022 is not intended as an alternative to the EWS1 (External Wall Survey) Form, which is for valuation purposes and is administered by RICS (NIFES Consulting Group can also provide this service, where required). If an initial external wall survey has already been carried out and has highlighted risk, then our report will provide the necessary ancillary information to enable proportionate mitigation and management of that risk and inform any further steps that should be considered.

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