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Industrial Chimney Stack Design Consultancy

As part of NIFES design services covering steam and how water boilers, fired on natural gas, oil and biomass fuels we are required to design the chimney to satisfy not only the requirements of the boiler installation but also the UK Building Regulations, as well as the relevant European and British Standards.

Often these have different requirements, but all need to be adhered to ensure that the chimney will function safely and correctly.

NIFES services for chimney or stack design covers the following key points:

  • Draught requirement of the equipment
  • Environmental impacts and local air quality requirements
  • Fuel type and dual fuel considerations
  • Correct chimney height considering surrounding areas
  • Dispersion

Once the chimney has been designed to satisfy the equipment and fuel type, NIFES calculates the height based on the air quality requirements and the buildings locally. Following this, NIFES air dispersion modelling software evaluates the dispersion of pollutant releases and the effect of existing and new plant on local air quality, as well as the effect on the local terrain and buildings.

What NIFES Can Offer

Pollutants are covered by the current EC Air Quality Directives and the UK National Air Quality Strategy and are also listed as prescribed pollutants in the guidance notes for many EPA authorised processes. NIFES have worked closely with both Local Authorities and the EPA for planning purposes and have the confidence to design chimneys to satisfy these planning requirements.

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