Glazing Surveys

Glazing Risk Assessment Services

Why do we need to survey Glazing?

Many people are injured each year though, being in-contact with broken Glazing. Glazing is a fragile surface and it is critical that it has been located correctly to its local Environment. Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 lays down a duty to ensure that building users are not put at risk by the breakage of glazing materials, so that such materials either if they break, break safely, or are not by their nature capable of being broken.

What needs to be done?

To manage this effectively an assessment of the installed Glazing should be carried out; quantifying the non-compliant glazing. Guidance documents such as BS:6262 part 4 Code of practice for safety related to human impact (2005) can be used as guidance. Any Glazing found to be non-compliant should be either replaced or made safe.

How can NIFES help?

NIFES Consulting Group can undertake an assessment of all your Glazing and provide a report, showing an itemised list of:

  • Protection Against Impact
  • Glazing Type
  • Manifestation of Glazing
  • Glazing Thickness
  • Condition of Framing
  • Surface Treatment
  • Use of Glazing
  • Size of Air Gap: Double/Triple
  • Window Restrictor Compliance
  • Thermal Rating
  • Guarding Requirements
  • Suitability of Location
  • Location of Glazing
  • Unique reference number

Data can be provided in many formats such as: Spreadsheet, Word Document or integrated in to a Maintenance Database. Photographic images can be provided to assist with: location, non-conformances and special situations. A linked CAD drawing can be produced, that will show the location and the unique reference number of each glazing panel. Remedial actions to comply with Legislation, with costs, risk priorities and an action plan can also be provided as part of the assessment.

For more information, please contact:

John Baker

Tel: 0845 168 684

Mob: 07786 277479