Preparation of Policies

Preparation of Policies

Leading your Organisation in the Right Direction

American writer, Max de Prée, once said: “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality”. An policy and strategy whether it is for health and safety, business, or energy management defines where you are, where you want to get to and how your organisation will achieve its goals.

What are the benefits of a health and safety policy and strategy?

A written health and safety policy and strategy, authorised by senior management, has many benefits, including:

  • Statement of the current position
  • Clarity of goals and measurable targets
  • Mechanisms and means to achieve targets
  • Defined responsibilities
  • Senior management support
  • A means to access finance to support health and safety issues
  • Any balanced policy and supporting strategy must include technology, information systems and people solutions.

Polices and Processes

In NIFES’ experience, it is not just the policy which is important – but the process by which it is developed. To develop policies, NIFES runs workshops with key stakeholders to ensure that they are framed by those who will have a major role in their implementation. This ensures a high level of ownership.

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