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Risk Management Audit and Planning Services

NIFES Risk Management process

Risk management is an important part of planning for businesses. The process of risk management is designed to eliminate, reduce or control the risk of certain kinds of events happening or having an impact on a business.

NIFES Risk Management team have expert knowledge in the identification, assessment, prioritisation and the control of risks.

There are many different types of risk that risk management plans can mitigate. Common risks include things like accidents in the workplace, Health, Safety, Fire, Security, and Disaster.

NIFES understand there are as many different types of strategies for managing risk as there are types of risk. These can be broken down into four main categories.

  • Accepting the risk and its consequences
  • Risk transfer
  • Risk Elimination
  • Manage the risk, either in-house or through service providers (NIFES)

How can NIFES assist?

NIFES have an in-depth knowledge of the many working aspects of Risk Assessment and Risk Management of the Built Environment, Health & Safety, Construction, environmental impact and many more.

NIFES basic risk ethics are based on the 5 main principles of risk management:

  • Identifying the Risks
  • Agree on the impact
  • Evaluate the risks and decide on suitable precautions
  • Record, implement and control
  • Review

NIFES manage client risks through forming close working relationships and understanding their needs and requirements. This is close coupled with 60 years of experience.

NIFES objectives are simple; to assess, control and review our client’s risks in order to meet their business requirements.

NIFES can offer a wide range business assurance services from user group workshop sessions to board level and committee engagement.

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