Energy Awareness Training

Power Awareness and Efficiency Training

Saving energy through people is an essential element of an organisation’s energy management strategy.

Employees and their actions are responsible for a major proportion of energy usage. As a result, employers and staff should be aware of how to use energy efficiently and be equipped to take action.

Raising staff awareness and motivation through a campaign enables an organisation, to:

  • Secure no cost energy savings by good-housekeeping
  • Achieve CO2 reduction targets
  • Implement a key element of energy management strategy
  • Raise the profile of energy across the organisation
  • Engage senior management in energy issues
  • Green the organisation
  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets
  • Identify ways of maintaining the momentum

There’s plenty of well-intentioned advice about how to save energy – yet it’s the practice and not the theory that makes the difference.

NIFES provides strategy and implementation support on every aspect of energy awareness campaigns including:

  • Staff attitude surveys
  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign materials and graphic design
  • Presentations to senior/middle mangers
  • Launch event advice and implementation
  • Materials for campaign websites
  • Training for key staff
  • Energy walkabouts
  • Monitoring consumption and savings
  • Maintaining momentum
  • Train the trainer

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Adrian Carter

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