Instrument Services

Instrument Services

NIFES can supply an instrument on its own or provide a complete monitoring service including meter design, the hire of an instrument, the installation of an instrument or carry out measurement surveys and analysis of results. This information can then be analysed by a senior engineer and provided electronically in a format that suits your needs, presented in either tabular or graphical form.

NIFES have vast experience of providing a wide range of equipment to monitor airflow, water flow and pressure, electrical and power monitoring, gas analysis, temperature recorders and indicators etc., including:

  • Ultrasonic Flow Metering
  • Electrical Data Logging and Load Profiling
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Steam Flow Recorders and Loggers
  • Room Temperature and RH Data Logging

Many of our clients utilise our experienced technicians to produce results quickly and accurately.

Next time you have a project which requires instrumentation; give NIFES a call to discuss how the results can be achieved.

For more information, please contact:
Adrian Carter

Tel: 0845 168 684

Mob: 07786 277497