Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic Surveys

NIFES have considerable experience of carrying out thermographic surveys covering both building fabric and electrical installations.

Building fabric Thermographic Surveys:

For building fabric, this work provides a report of the external elevations of each building and includes:

  • Panoramic thermal and visual images captured of each accessible elevation of the buildings from the outside at ground level supported by qualitative assessment and commentary included within the report.
  • The surveys and report are completed in accordance with BS EN 13187 (Thermal Performance of Buildings – Qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes – Infrared Method).
  • The surveys are carried out at night/early hours to limit the effects of solar gain.
  • The thermographic surveys are carried out by thermographers that are PCN certified by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT).
  • The surveys are completed using calibrated high resolution Flir thermal imaging cameras.
  • The survey reports are provided in electronic form and as a colour bound hard copy. All images used within the report are provided on CD which is included within the hard copy report.

Electrical Thermographic Surveys

NIFES also carry out numerous electrical surveys, our survey approach and report structure has been developed to satisfy the requirements expected by Insurance Companies, Safety Auditors, Maintenance/Engineering Managers.

All of our inspections are completed by surveyors with excellent electrical qualifications and backgrounds enabling a thorough understanding of even the most complex electrical installations. Following the survey, a thermographic report is produced detailing all of the equipment inspected providing comprehensive detail on any defects identified. All reports are completed/approved by surveyors certified to ISO 18436 Level 2 (otherwise known as PCN Level 2).

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