Design and Project Management of Remedial Works

Following the fire surveys and risk assessments, NIFES can move the project through to the design stages to support the implementation of the recommendations; this work is generally broken down to the following stages:

  • Outline and Detailed Design
  • Tender Documentation and Action
  • Installation
  • Completion

Whichever recommendation is considered, the general approach is the same, NIFES specialist fire engineers will design the installation and produce a specification for the scheme, which will include the relevant drawings to support the specification and the information required for the fire officer if that is required.

Once the scheme is fully designed and the specification produced, NIFES will prepare all of the tender documentation and issue for tender. This process will provide the most competitive quotations from the relevant contractors.

NIFES then examine the tenders received and assist with the tender analysis.

During the construction stage, NIFES administer the terms of the contract and manage the engineering contractor both technically and commercially, including attending all relevant meetings, site visits and assessments of progress.

On completion, NIFES would have an input to the technical commissioning of the project and assist with any final account issues that may be raised to ensure both technical and commercial completeness.

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