Biofuel Boilers

Commercial Biofuel Boiler Consultants

NIFES consult widely and incisively on issues associated with biomass energy, both at project level and strategically.

We have developed wide reaching skills in the supply chain of biomass in the UK and the technologies, equipment and contractual frameworks involved in implementation of biomass fuelled projects.

This involves a wide spectrum of knowledge in forestry techniques, wood processing practices, agriculture, transport, engineering, energy contract development and project management issues.

Our experience includes the following areas of expertise relating to biomass issues:

  • Biomass heating systems in the UK and best practice in developed markets
  • Biomass fuel supply standards, production methods and resource availability
  • Biomass heating system feasibility studies, case study monitoring and analysis of data
  • Case study authorship and publication
  • Large scale Biomass CHP development and consultancy
  • Sustainable energy dissemination in the UK and with project partners across the EU
  • Bio-energy supply chain development issues in the UK and best practice in developed markets
  • Sustainable energy programme management and delivery (e.g.residential CHP)
  • Contract drafting for biomass energy services agreements
  • Mechanical and electrical building services: engineering, design and specification
  • Boiler technology: new-build and retrofit
  • Boiler condition surveys and environmental performance assessments
  • Regulatory compliance concerning emissions performance

NIFES has had extensive contact with the bio-energy industries in Sweden, Finland and to lesser extents in Austria, Denmark and France.

For more information, please contact:

Adrian Carter

Tel: 0845 168 684

Mob: 07786 277497